Thursday, August 25, 2005

Busy day

Well its been a busy one today. I got up early and got to my doctors appointment and was out of that early enough to get some shopping done in town. Then it was off to the hairdressers for a trim and a consultation for something I have in mind for my 30th birthday.;-)
After that I came home and popped online to check emails and find some bunting for the fun day next week. I have some really colourful stuff coming from ebay which was cheap and free postage as well so thats another thing to cross off the list.
After lunch I made 5 more cards for the fun day and am finally sitting down with a cuppa and a choccie biscuit checking the message boards before dinner and then some more stitching on Midi I.
Midi I is coming along well although I won't catch up before the next part is out as I am so busy with other stuff at the moment, but it grows fast and I am confident I can get a good amount done in the next week.
Nearly forgot that it is an anniversary of sorts here today. I started this kind of dialysis 6 years ago today and its not a great anniversary but its still quite noteworthy in some ways.:-)


Gina said...

And now, of course, I am dying of curiosity to know what the consultation was about....

Scully said...

he he he Me too Gina. Are you going to dye it pink or something Michelle ;)

Michelle said...

ROTFL I am changing the colour but not going as drastic as that. I have been given several options and am now mulling them over. I also fancy a new cut but need to find a picture of one I like. Maybe I will do that first then decide what colour will suit it.:-)