Saturday, August 13, 2005

MVIII Part 8 completed

I have just finished Part 8 of MVIII this afternoon. I managed not to get any stitching done yesterday evening as I felt really down and actually ended up having a really good cry and missed the unveiling of the Big Brother winner. I was really disappointed about that but the cry and the long talk was needed so was worth itin the long run.
So here is my picture of Part 8:

This took quite alot longer that I anticipated and also I found the variegated thread a difficult one to match. This one kept changing colour so abruptly that I ended up hacking it to pieces to achieve the effect I wanted. In the end I used most colours that were in the thread just not always as they came off the skein. I started in error bottom right which was very light and bottom left turned alot darker so I stitched it so the opposite corners at the top would be similar in shading.
No other real news here except we had a wander into town this morning and I bought some magazines and a skirt. Tonight I plan to chill and stitch and generally try and relax.

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Scully said...

{hugs} Michelle. Aometimes a godd cry is what the doctor ordered, I've done some myself the last few days. I think mystery looks great. Congrats on yur HD. :)