Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nice day

I decided to have a day at home today just doing what I wished for a bit. So with that in mind I finished MVI rotation piece this afternoon whilst watching the Coronation Street omnibus on ITV 2.
Then after that I made 8 more cards towards the fun day so the total now stands at around 50/51. Not sure of the exact number because different lists say different amounts lol, but this was my minimum I wanted to make so that is something else I can relax over now. The bunting I ordered for the fun day arrived today and its lovely and colourful and very good value thanks to wonderful Ebay.
After dinner I stitched on Midi I and chatted on the phone to a friend. I am now on here for awhile before bed uploading the MVI photos and catching up on the message boards.
One small incident this morning has left me reeling a bit:I got my appointment for the test to have my ureters looked at but now have to ring them up. The name of the test has changed though I think this one is similar but the crucial thing is I am now going to be awake. This is generally preferable to a general anaesthetic but I am frightened I will be in the pain I was in when I had this or a similar test years ago. You see we know for a fact that my left ureter has nowhere to go as the kidney didn't develop and that ureter is a dead end. We found this out on that test years ago as the dye that was put in had nowhere to go then and I am hoping that as they know about this it has been taken into account this time around. If this test goes ahead it is only 10 days away which is good as things are moving quickly but also a bit scary as that is sooner than I anticipated and once you have that date the countdown begins.

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Paula said...

I don't whether you know but I work in a urology ward. Over the past year or so, a lot of the investigations that the docs have been doing have changed a bit and they seem to be doing different investigations for the same conditions. They seem to be doing a lot more stuff in X ray departments rather than in theatre.