Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I really don't believe it

I attended the fracture clinic this morning and would you believe it-its STILL not healed. I got a fascinating insight into breaks in the foot of all kinds this morning as I saw the consultant who had a student with her. This break is apparantly one of the most difficult to heal and the other break that is common with my type of fall is a quick healer-trust me eh.
So what does all of the above mean? Well I go back in 3 months and in the meantime I have to be cautious with it, wear shoes that are comfortable and take it easy. The news could have been worse as sometimes the break doesn't heal on its own and what happens then I rather not imagine. However the consultant said she thinks mine is probably not in that catergory as it appeared I was making new bone so thats something to be thankful for. As for my glamorous shoe-I am still wearing it for longer walks to give my foot the best chance it can get.
Other than that I stitched a bit on Midi I and rang the hospital to query next weeks test in case some sort of mistake has been made. I am now waiting for them to ring me back.
I may go and make some more cards and banners in a bit-now made 60, but had a request last night for a wedding one so will see what I can do.

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Scully said...

I really hope that it continues to heal of it's own accord Michelle. 60 cards now? Talk about motoring on! See ya soon