Sunday, August 07, 2005

Not such a good day

I am not feeling so great today. I couldn't get up this morning and I felt so tired and then have wrestled with feeling yucky all day. It kind of feels like a cold like bug at the moment but I am also feeling stressed which never helps.
The friend of mine who is in the hospital is quite up and down at the moment but barring any complications should be ok. Thats one bit of positive news although I probably won't completely relax until he is out of ICU for a few days as I have been here with other kidney friends before and its always difficult to predict what will happen.
No other news on the life front and on the stitching one I should finish my 3rd corner of MVIII tonight or tomorrow and then onto the 4th and last. I will then do two projects-my Midi Mystery I and something small as I am trying to achieve a HD every month if I can. If there is then time left in the month my rotation will get some attention.

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