Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Big Brother

Big Brother are doing a shock mid-week eviction tonight in the lead up to Friday's grand final. I really wanted Derek to win but hes gone so would like Eugene to. However I don't always think it is fair that someone who hasn't been there the whole time can go on to win but its not like Kinga. She has been in less than 2 weeks which really would be an injustice for several reasons, not least she isn't that great relly. There have to be reasons why the ones coming in late didn't make the final 13 at the beginning and I understand some being in reserve but when Orlaith went only 11 days ago was it really necessary to replace her.
Other than that its been a quiet day with dialysis being tedious as yet again my BP is too low and I am finding it frustrating at the moment. It almost seems like there is just too much in my life to content with and though this is not a big deal its just an extra layer to the onion of problems lol.
Tonight I plan to stitch on MVIII and hopefully should finish part 8 over the weekend at the latest. Its then back to rotation, Midi I and a small piece which I haven't decided on yet.

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