Friday, August 19, 2005

Good friends and family

For one reason or another the get together this weekend is not something I can get to. We have tried every which way around the situation and my parents offered to drive a 3 hour round trip to meet up with another bulletin border. But with view of my foot and my health which is excellent for a kidney patient at the moment its best to leave it. While I have good health I shouldn't jepodise it so I will do some more stuff for the fund raising day and stitch instead. Its a decision I am happy with and right for me and thats all you can do in this life.
Other than that there is good news about my friend in ICU. He has been out for a few days and stayed out, although there have been set backs and all is not A1 yet but its looking like its a slow but sure recovery. There is also good news on the personal front in that I am staying strong with the group and despite the fact I am needed I am not going back as certain things don't need to be revisited at this point in time.
I am also seriously considering the OU course again. I have until August 31st to decide so will maybe use my free weekend to really read up and decide.

Night all. :-)

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