Monday, August 22, 2005

Proof positive

Was shown today as to why we need new dialysis machines asap. The one I was on broke donw 1 1/2 hours in and I am known when there is a problem to go funny. Well I was jogging along nicely when all of a sudden my eyesight disappeared and I knew my BP was in my boots. But because of the dodgy machine they couldn't give me any fluid, and I knew with real conviction that if I didn't get any I would at the very least faint or possibly worse. They managed to squirt some in then got the machine up and running and got the fluid in and I felt much better-washed out but better. Then I got an old familiar pain which I haven't had for years in my groin which used to always make me sick and yes it followed the same pattern. Rule of thumb is patient being sick on dialysis give them fluid and I did also feel very clammy. The pain didn't go for ages and all I wanted to do was come home and curl up in bed. They agreed I could leave earlier if it carried on but it did eventually go and I felt reasonably ok so stuck it out until the end. This is not because I am brave lol but so that I would get the excess fluid off and then not go in too heavy on Wednesday, so barring the fact I had fluid back and couldn't take quite all off with all the problems I only came off .3 kilos over which for a Monday is fine.:-)
So what else have I done today, well felt pretty cruddy when I got home about 1:00pm had some lunch and then chilled but decided doing something may help. So I went to do some cards-and probably wasted more paper etc than I used but do have 2 more cards to show for it-now at 31 for the fun day. I have also been promised another 5 by an online friend whose daughter is in the group I used to help run, so that will boost it a bit too.:-0
Tonight if I feel reasonably ok I will stitch on Midi I and watch tv. There is a week of programmes on about the organ donor register which I may watch-find it very raw really considering I can't have a transplant. However they are usually quite informative and well done so will probably watch it to see. One thing that puzzles me is why these programmes were not on during national transplant week last month as it would have been an ideal time.

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