Friday, August 12, 2005

Could have had a lie in

I hauled myself out of bed at 6:30am got to dialysis by 7:15am and was told there was a delay of at least an hour. Apparently one of the major components that makes all the machines safe and usuable failed completely and an technician was hot footing it down from Bristol. We all spent the time chatting and it was lovely because no one complained, everyone just accepted it and got on with it. I finally got on the machine at 8:50am and we all had an hour knocked off so I was actually finished on time.
A few things have also come to light this morning and they range from good to not so good. I am going to deal with the good first and they are that the surgeon I was referred to is on fairly equal footing with the one who refused to consider me. This means he maybe not have to seek full approval if he decides a transplant is viable. The choice of new machine for our unit has been narrowed from 3 to 2 and are going to be tested in Bristol for the consultants to see. The good news part is that one of them was the one I tried. :-)
Now onto the bad stuff which starts with those machines and that there is a rumour circulating that the funding is not there and we may not get them. The other thing is something I don't know whether to put it in this or the good catergory, but its to do with my BP. Something has gone awry with our scales which has been pointed out numerous times by one patient. He has a pair at home which always matched the units utterly and all of a sudden they stopped doing so and at the same time strange things started to happen. There were people complaining that the amount of fluid they had on wasn't correct, many who thought they were too dry and several who out of the blue developed BP problems. So on Wednesday after I left they were apparently calibrated which is a routine thing and were upto a Kilo out. This in all realism is only a couple of pounds in flesh weight, but if you think of it as a Litre bottle of water thats how much excess fluid was coming out of our system, so thats quite alot. This would also explain why people kept having drops of their BP as the scales were telling the nurses to remove that much extra each time.
My friend in ICU is making some good and significant progress which pleases me but for several reasons its all bought the group situation to light again and its come back to haunt me. It hadn't really ever gone but its bought it nearer the surface again and I realise again how much I allowed it to get to me.
But we all move onwards and upwards and tonight is the Big Brother grand finale. I am hoping to sit down and either finish MVIII Part 8 or make very big inroads into it so I can finish it tomorrow.
Finally hair watch:its looking ok today and I think I am gonna like it.:-)

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