Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ok day so far

Today is going relatively ok. I woke up feeling rather naff and thought when I did yesterday it was dialysis related and I think thats still possible but its hanging over. Its the kind of effect that just goes as its time to go to the unit again but never mind as it doesn't happen every time lol.
My friend who is in ICU seems to be picking up a bit more now and they are ironing out and realising most of the problems and are able to do the best they can to sort them. It is having some unexpected effects on me and I am suprised at them. Firstly I am getting some flashbacks to two events, the first when Sara was in ICU and I was waiting for news as some of these events are similar this time around. Secondly until I chatted to my mum about the first flashbacks and she misunderstood what I mean't it clarified something else. Mum thought I was having flashbacks to my own time in ICU nearly 6 years ago. My friend went in with something almost identical but with different causes and I realised I was also getting flashbacks of that time too. The anniversary is in 10 days and although I am not like I used to be approaching it it still preys on my mind a bit. This year hasn't been so bad but I have had so much else on my mind I think lol.
Other than that I should finish MVIII part 8 in the next few days. I have an unexpected free day as my day out had to change because of work commitments on my friends part. We are now having dinner and a catch up on Monday. :-) I also saw Scully's partial Alpine HD and the screen shot of Alpine was so, so in my mind but I am now loving it more and more-SIGH.
Its a lovely sunny day today and will try and make the most of that this afternoon by chilling out in the garden with a book or my stitching.:-D

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