Thursday, August 04, 2005

A day of mixed emotions

Today is mums birthday and that is a good day obviously but its a day where my emotions are mixed as well. This time last year it was mums 60th and she very kindly gave up the evening to take me and Sara to a function at the hospital for young kidney patients. This was the first time Sara stayed the night and we spent the following day in town and on the beach as the weather was beautiful. As fate would also have it this was the last time we spent time with each other as for various reasons from flu to other events we didn't meet up again. I did see her once in hospital but that day she was quite out of it so this time last year is the last time I saw her as she was and I really thank my mum for leaving me with some great memories and giving up her evening to make this happen.
I have just taken a hiatus from writing this to go and play with Taffy in the garden. Mum has had some Ferro Rocher for her birthday and I hsve eaten one and Taffy has been playing with the wrappers lol. I will try and post some pictures of this later as some of them are really cute.
Earlier we rang the hospital to try and get a new shoe as my support shoe after 8 weeks is rather smelly and I don't want to knock people out with the smell lol. However it wasn't easy and they said people only wear the shoes with plasters and they would have to check etc etc. So in the end after a fight they said I could have a new one but it sort of puts you off really so we will try and get one tomorrow as I am near there for dialysis. Why is nothing ever easy eh?

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