Sunday, August 14, 2005

Busy day

Today started leisurely enough with some stitching on my rotation piece MVI, but it sort of spiralled from there. As I was stitching mum noticed that my magazines were spilling out of control so I promised to sort them out. I knew they needed doing but her nudge was what I needed to get to it.
Before that I had a flash of inspiration for my fabric for Medieval town Mandala so went off to do some floss tossing. The piece I wanted to try was one I had put aside for TW's Fortunate traveller but I couldn't find it. I did find a piece of Brittany in Bone, a piece of Belfast in Paltinum and a piece of Jobelan Lambswool and tried them all. I also tried Lugana Parkland again and I think I am leaning to Parkland but on my pictured they all look good DOH!!!!
So that took us to lunch time and after lunch I surfed on the net for a bit, went to sort out the dreaded magazines and then tidied my room and did some paperwork. After that I stitched on MVI before and after tea, chatted to Richard on the phone and then went to make some cards.
So that took me to 9:30pm at which point I had a shower, dried my hair and here I am. Its been a mundane day in many respects but I love those just as much as active ones as it is nice to just do ordinary stuff from time to time.
This week my calender is pretty full, with a meal tomorrow night, meeting a friend for the day on Thursday and then the weekend away on Friday. :-) Tuesday will be a stitching and chilling day and to start making some plans/lists for the weekend.

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