Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A tiny finish

After yesterday's events at the unit I am feeling pretty rough today so felt in need of a small cute stitch. So after looking through my freebies I found this Cattitude cat by Margaret Sherry. I love this range but it is so far the only one I have stitched. It was from a free chart that origianlly came with Cross Stitcher magazine and is designed to be made into a scissor fob but I think mine will probably get added to a card at some point.
I am finding myself going through a phase of being attracted to cute designs and am likely to order the new Newton's Law Christmas kit. I did the one last year and this years is very different but still lovely and so cute. After going through my freebies from magazines which were almost without exception of the cute variety I am being drawn to Humphrey's corner again. I also haven't stitched one of these but am tempted to get one.
What I am suddenly noticing though is many of the new Christmas kits for Humphrey's Corner, and Tatty Teddy were free exclusive designs in magazines last year. Even Newton's Law has 3 out that were free in magazines at the beginning of the year out. These were also exclusives at the time and were stitched for the Nation Kidney Research Fund and made into quilts for young dialysis patients to use nationwide. Now two things spring to mind here:

1. What does exclusive mean? I always thought it would be the one and only place to get the designs and if you missed that chart you couldn't then get it in another form at a later date.
2. To know that they were previous free charts in magazines does that mean that I read too many and also whether I hord alot when I also know I have those designs sat in my cupboard?

No other real news at the moment but I feel like doing a blog quiz so may try and find one and pop back later on.


Anonymous said...

Aww that is so cute! I love the Margaret Sherry designs.

Scully said...

That's really sweet Michelle. Well done :)