Thursday, September 01, 2005

On the countdown now

Saturday is nearly upon us and with that in mind I spent the morning at the site of the fun day being shown round and generally helping with some preparations. Its a really lovely place and I am proud to have managed to help out as much as I was able to considering how low I got just a month or so ago. Not only have I made 64 cards-want to get that figure to 70 but not sure I will manage that, I managed to secure a couple of decent prizes for the raffle by emailing various companies and made some signs for the day.
Onto other stuff:Stitching wise I completed 2 out of 3 goals last month-finished Part 8 of MVIII and a small design. But I failed on finishing parts 1 and 2 of Midi I but always thought that was a bit ambitious and have got a fair amount done so shouldn't, fingers crossed, be slugging away on this for years. The new parts for both mysteries are now out and I got ridiculously excited to see we are stitching gates for part 9 of MVIII. Last years mystery was gazebos and although I still love the design I particularly like the designs with wrought iron gates in them so that was a bonus this time. We also got the stitched centrepiece which is absolutely beautiful so I can't wait to get cracking.
I rang the hospital again about my appointment next week and it does seem like some kind of mistake has been made so I am again waiting to hear back on whether it will be on Tuesday as I probably do need a bed after all. I think under these circumstances I would rather be asleep as I don't want pain and I think this test with my anatomy the way it is, it's very likely to hurt.:-( So I am waiting again to see what is happening but I would put good money on it being postponed until a later date-watch this space.

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