Thursday, September 22, 2005

Back from the show!!

It was a good one this year and I thoroughly enjoyed it.:-) Even though my foot is still broken my mobility is much better now than it was at the Shepton Mallett show in April, so thats a really good positive improvement for my general health.
The only downside to the show is that they didn't have so many needlework stands. This show has also been overtaken by card making, papercrafting and scrapbooking stuff as well as other arts and crafts. Luckily I am really into card making so found lots of things to drool over and really enjoyed browsing the craft items with mum.
I ended up not spending a huge amount although I could have gone mad. In the end I got some stitckers and embellishments for card making and a kit of a new technique. I can't remember the name of it now. Basically it allows you to stamp over a previously inked surface and it gives it sort of a relief look. There are other things to do with it but thats the start of the technique. That particular stand was absolutely breathtaking as it had the most wonderful array of hand made cards and tags to inspire you. It also had the most wonderful range of stamps and as part of this kit you got a choice of any stamp within a certain price range. I fell in love with one that was £5 more but the lady on the stand was saying you could have any and pay the extra, so that was the decider for me. This stamp is of a regal woman's head and shoulders and when I looked closer in the car it had the signs of the zodiac round her head in medallions.
I did fall in love with two cross stitch kits but decided to put them on a wish list in my head for the moment. They were both cat ones. The first being one of a cat and fairy by Janlynn which I have always liked. When I saw it up close the cat was sparkly as if he had been sprinkled with fairy dust which was really sweet and not something I had noticed before. I nearly bought this at a show before but it had sold out, but I don't regret it as I can buy it online at some point if I run out of stuff to stitch. The other cat design was a new one I had seen online by Lesley Ann Ivory. It is of a tabby cat in an Art Deco border. The cat is very realistic and the border was lovely too.
I also loved looking at the Michael Powell cross stitch stuff and could have succumbed there as well. I loved Secret garden I and all the Hand made houses as well as the chalet in the snow and many others lol.
Its been a really lovely day, with good weather and great company but its likely to be the last show this season. I know I won't be able to make Ally Pally as that will be too much on my foot. I am debating meeting some friends at Harrogate at the end of November but will have to look into finances and see what my foot is like in a few weeks before I make a decision.
Now I am officially pooped but do want to try and finish MVIII part 9 tonight if I can as I am 'that' close to it.:-)

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