Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lovely stitchy day

Today I have had a real me day. I started off with a lie in and then once sorted I finished my round on The Castle and after lunch and some surfing I stitched on the Autumn garden until tea. After that I did a little on MVIII. I just have half a gate and two snowflakes to do then I am onto the centre ornament.
So my goals for September are to finish Autumn garden, both parts of MVIII and at a push my last rotation piece. Then we are into October when everything changes as my course starts and will have to have a whole different timetable to my life.
On Thursday I am hoping to go to a local cross stitch/creative crafts show in Exeter. That is about an hour from me and for awhile I wasn't sure I would get there because of my foot. Well on that front I only use the crutches when I have done lots of walking and I am even spending time pottering in the house in my old trainers which less than a month ago I couldn't put on because it was too uncomfortable. So although the progress is slow it is sure and while I can still see improvement I will be relatively happy.
One other stupid thing I need to mention is the use of the words 'old trainers'. After much searching I found some lovely new ones and happened to be wearing them when I broke my foot. Mum said to me she wasn't sure I would ever wear them again and I must admit this is likely as I had only worn them once or twice before this happened-is that stupid or what?

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Scully said...

Good for you for signing up for the course Michelle, and good for you for having a YOU day :) Sometimes they are just needed to recharge your batteries. Sounds like it was a good one too!