Friday, September 16, 2005

Procrastination time

I received my registration form from the OU today and found out that I can do it this October but I am having some second thoughts. I am still not always coping too well with what life has been throwing me and I am slightly concerned that this maybe a leap too far. On the other hand it could be the tonic I need and really get my brain focused on the future rather on that which has gone. The money is not a huge concern but it is of course a factor as it will be just over £500 to study this course alone. Maybe I am having an attack of the colly wobbles or its just that I never think straight on a dialysis day. I think I am always going to be nervous doing it and its a case of either now or never I think at the moment.
I am also procrastinating over fabric choices and one of these is for Chatelaines Japanese Garden, though ironically if I do the OU course I won't probably stitch this just yet anyway lol. Two birds with one stone come to mind here lol. Anyway my choices come down to two, both Silkweaver fabrics, one a mottled Exspressions and one a more solid Lugana. I have a few threads and a small cut of the Lugana so did a floss toss and it was great and I am sure it will work. The other is more a gut instinct as I haven't got the fabric or seen it in real life and still am not sure whether I would choose linen or evenweave. How much simpler but not so interesting life was when you only had white or cream to stitch on.
Not alot is happening elsewhere but it is my brothers birthday tomorrow which reminds me I promised mum several hours ago to send him an e card. Oooops.


Scully said...

I have to sign up for an OU course soon Michelle, but I am sure I'll forget to do it it time for the deadline!
Look forward to seeing pics of your TW Castle. I love it and it was one of my first HDs.

Michelle said...

Ooooh what course are you going to do Scully? I took the plunge today and going to blog in a bit. Sure we won't be doing the same but we will be study buddies to a degree.:-)