Saturday, September 10, 2005


Today has got me realising that memories can be both good and bad. This morning my uncle and aunt came over and we sat talking about the years gone by and looking at old photos. I really enjoyed this and it made me appreciate the good stuff in life.
This afternoon now they have left has got me thinking about something that happened recently which has stirred some nasty memories back up and combined with the op and the cold has laid me very low this week. I am coming back up both physically and mentally which is a god thing as I have to go and get my brothers birthday present asap. I have a week, but we are not sure if we are visiting as yet next weekend so may have to factor in postage time.
Talking of postage I have just ordered two cute Christmas kits off ebay. The Newton's Law one which I mentioned a few days ago and the Humphrey's Corner one. I am pretty sure the Humphrey one was a free design given in a magazine last year but I don't have it anywhere so have plumped for the full kit from the same seller as Newton.
I have stitched a bit on MVIII today and am 1/4 through this part and plan to stitch some more on it later.
My OU stuff didn't come in time, so I can't join now until February so its a winter of stitching by the fire for me. Although this is appealing I was looking forward to having my brain stretched a bit. Oh well maybe I should look at getting a new hobby or something instead or failing that just buy some more Chatelaines with the extra cash.:-)

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