Friday, September 02, 2005

Looks like the hospital is sorted

Well finally got the dialysis Sister to try and find out what was going on today and I am going in on Tuesday for the same test under anaesthetic. Although I am a bit confused at the moment as she spoke to someone who was going to ring her back, couldn't get hold of the unit so rang my home instead. My mum rang the Sister to tell her the plan but what the Sister told me is not what mum was told. DOH!! I think its possible they may have been more forthcoming with her in that first phone call so at the moment I am probably having an anaesthetic but theres a possibility I won't need one according to the Sister lol. I still wouldn't be suprised if the whole lot was cancelled once I arrived on Tuesday but I will turn up and see what happens.
My stitching is coming along great and I have a quarter of a gate done on MVIII Part 9 and its really pretty so can't wait to see the full effect. I also got some stash today:My fabric from Silkweavers for Chatelaine's Medieval Town Mandala which seems a bit darker so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be ok. I also got some Gloriana's and Waterlillies towards the next two Mandala Gardens with Lizzie Kate's Snippets-woof and Meow, so all in all a good stash day.
I may not get a chance to post again now until at least Sunday and depending on tiredness levels after tomorrow it could be Monday so I hope everyone has a great weekend whatever they're doing and will catch you all soon.

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Scully said...

Cool stash enhancement Michelle! If I don't see you later I hope all goes well tomorrow!