Monday, September 19, 2005

Started something new

I had a good sort through my stitching stash yesterday and happened on Victoria Samplers Autumn Garden. I also checked the thread agains a small piece of Silkweaver Parkland which worked so I started this afternoon.
I must be getting old as I sat in my room with the sun streaming through the window and listening to radio 2. I felt so relaxed and I am going to try and do this every afternoon for a little while. This design I am hoping will be my September finish and I think thats quite doable as some of the bands look as if they will go quickly. Of course now I am back into liking band samplers and already I am eying the winter garden version-esp as it has a snowman in it.
Yesterday I also sorted out my winter/Christmas stitching and every year I do this and most years I don't even stitch half of what I plan to. Two years ago was the first and last time I ever stitched everything I planned for Christmas but all other stitching went out the window and I don't reall want to do that again.

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