Thursday, September 08, 2005

Nice stash order

Yesterday I put in a nice order for stash from Stitching Bits N Bobs. I got all the threads needed for my Lizzie Kate Meow Flippit, some more threads for future Chatelaine projects as they were 25% off and some little charts.
Today I haven't done a whole lot as I feel pretty rough. I seem to be shattered from the op, have a cold coming on and the last week in many ways has been rather stressful so am coming down from all that too. I was supposed to go to the dentist to have the gum boil checked and the whole lot deep cleaned but have postponed to Tuesday in the hopes I will feel much better then.
Tonight I am going to try for an earlish one and see if I can start to feel better tomorrow.

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Scully said...

I hope you perk up soon Michelle. Take care!