Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back again

It won't be a long post today as I am shattered but wanted to just say I am back and fine. Yesterday I ended up having a general anaesthetic in theatre then was later moved to the X-ray department to have the dye part of the test. When I actually got there I was booked in for two places lol but eventually after many phone calls and decision making they found the best route to suit me because in several ways I was not likely to act in a normal way for this test. They got me sorted eventually and it all kicked off around 1:30pm and everything had been done by about 4:00pm and I was allowed home at 7:00pm so not bad going all in all. I saw alot of the hospital as I started off in main reception, moved to the day theatre reception, then the day theatre ward, the theatre itself was next, then into recovery, back to the ward, down to X-ray and finally back to a Urology ward. Poor mum who stayed as it wasn't worth driving home was getting quite confused but managed to catch up with me at each place eventually lol. She wasn't allowed to theatre or X-ray obviously but somehow managed to get to the right ward at the right time to meet me.
I have just about managed to add my September calender as well today but am already looking into Christmas decorating lol.
Anyway really tired now so will start blogging again properly tomorrow.


Paula said...

Sounds like a tiring day. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

Scully said...

I hope you start to feel better soon Michelle! I hope you get a good sleep!