Sunday, September 04, 2005


I am back home now but utterly knackered. It was more than worthwhile and we made lots of money and had an absolute ball. I met up with lots of people I haven't met for ages and really had a very good time.
As for my cards they were not a complete damp squid. I sold about 20+ to friends and strangers but unfortunately we run out of tables so they had to be crammed in on other peoples stalls so didn't get the hard sell I hoped they would. But I am more than pleased that people seemed very impressed with the ones they did see and the people saying it weren't friends of mine lol.
It has also helped to heal some wounds about the group I left as some of the people involved were there but I realise I have a way to go yet and what the future holds I will wait and see.
As for the appointment on Tuesday I received an ammended letter but that says it will be done under a local anasthetic but I was expecting a general one. Think I need to just turn up and see what will happen and go from there lol.


Scully said...

Awww Michelle what a shame you didn't get to sell them all. It's still a good achievement tho. Did the bunny one go? If not I'll have it ;) why not take them to the dyalisis unit, I am sure you'd be able to sell them there too!

Michelle said...

Hiya Scully. Yep the bunny one went to a friend of mine. I thought of sending them onto the annual conference or the dialysis unit but need to check if there are any legal barriers against this.