Saturday, September 24, 2005

Its been quite some 24 hours

And I am exhasuted. At lunchtime yesterday I got a text from a lady whos daughter aged 17 who is a member of the group I left had been called in for a possible kidney transplant. Well last night it went ahead and today it is going quite well and so far so good. I then had a late night for various reasons, mainly catching up on emails and message boards so had a rather late night for me.
Then I was up early today and off into town, forgetting that an international clown festival was taking place. I missed most of the clowns but there were a few strange sights in the high street of people who obviously were part of it or had really gone to town with getting into the spirit of it. In town I did some banking bought 4 items from an impromtu half price Next sale-3 tops and a denaim skirt and also got a couple of papercraft magazines.
This afternoon I tried the new technique I saw at the show on Thursday and whilst I will say it didn't turn out great for a first effort it wasn't that bad either. At this point I decided to have a move around of my stitching and papercraft stash and decide whether I wanted to trade or sell anything else. That turned into a mammoth feat and one I was soon regretting but am glad I persevered as I can shut my wardrobe door again.
Which brings us to now, when I have sat down with a nice cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit and a few sweets to read the message boards and to blog.

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