Thursday, June 16, 2005

Why is it?

I pop to sewandso to place a 'small' order for my friends birthday and I end up spending nearly £37. Well for a start I decided to get two similar kits for my friend in case one had sold out. Then I also wanted to buy her a nice pair of scissors as I bought a new fob for her birthday (still waiting for that to come from USA). So as you do you have a good old browse and I found myself looking at the magnetic boards which although I have been tempted with before I now realised I 'need' one. This is because I am sitting on the chair to stitch while my foot is healing and the charts keep falling off the arm. So that took us to £25 odd pound. The rest was spent on the Just Nan birth sampler which although I have always liked I knew no need to buy it. But I found out a little while back friends of mine were expecting their first baby so the light bulb went on and its now on its way with a darling rabbit charm. I have wanted to find something for awhile for them and hummed and ahhed over various cute samplers etc but I think this is much more 'them'.
Off to browse the boards before settling down for lunch and some more sewing on MVIII-about to start corner 3.

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Scully said...

Yayyyyyyyy a rabbit charm! Good for you Michelle, retail therapy always works! Good to see you getting in the swing with this blogging stuff. Now if only I spent more time updating mine than replying on others!