Saturday, June 25, 2005

MVIII Part 6 finished

I finished this last part with a week to spare last night whilst watching Big Brothers eviction night. I am really pleased with how its coming along but I am still in two minds whether to sign up for the big mystery next year.
If I do my Open University course and possibly go back to the support group on a small basis I will have to seriously consider culling my stash as I won't have time to stitch a lot. I would also be able to use some of this money towards the course fees etc as it doesn't look like I will get a whole lot of Government help. As luck would have it I saved a lot so in theory have enough money to pay for a full degree if I need to, but any extra is never unwelcome.


Scully said...

Great to see your posts again Michelle! The Mystery VIII looks gorgeous...keep up the good work!

Lorna said...

Looks great! :D I love your blog too!