Saturday, June 25, 2005

Days update

Today has been 'relaxingly productive'. This morning I listed all my stash into files on my computer for ease of cross referencing and to try and decide what I could bear to part with. I then put some stuff up for sale on the various bulletin boards I visit. Then I managed to get my blog altered so you could all actually see it-Thanks to Kate again for her help.
After this whirlwind of frenzy I stitched this evening on Chatelaines xmas tree Mandala. I should happy dance this tomorrow or Monday at the latest as I have just a few beads to go. Then I will get stuck into my rotation for a couple of days before starting the try out for the Sampler Mystery that begins on Friday. I must remember I have to also edge the fabric in some fashion for this as well before next weekend.
On the other parts of life I am starting to get anxiety attacks again but I know this is mostly down to the fact that I have alot going on at the moment and once some of that is 'sorted' they will ease right off. But most of it I have no control over anway so I am trying to be laid back and keep myself busy until everything becomes clearer in my mind.

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