Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Good day

Today I have made some good progress in a couple of areas. I managed to not get in my wheel chair at all today and walked everywhere with the crutches. Considering it was a dialysis day that is a slightly bigger achievement than it would usually be. I have had alot of bad aches and pains for months now which were improving at the time of the accident and ironically around the same time I said to my mum I need a rest, both physically and mentally. So as I am forced to rest on the physical side I am trying to give myself some head space. To that effect I am using my other 'select' msn account so I just have the few stitchers to talk to who lift me up. To this end it is doing me some good but me being me I am pondering one question. None of the people in my other msn account have seen me since Saturday and only one has emailed me to say hello. She is a lady who I email most days anyway so we are in that routine. However none of these others know where I am and if I am ok-so I am pondering what this means. Do they realise I need space? This is unlikely as I told several of them before I needed some time away and didn't get it so why would that change now. Or have these people just not noticed I am not around and actually either don't care enough/can't be bothered to find out if I am ok. So although when I can block this niggle out I am getting lots of rest I still wonder where some of these relationships are destined to go.
Other than that I am taking my rest time as a good chance to catch up on MVIII and am nearly half way through this part. I did start around the 1st but put it down for awhile so if I plug on I should get it done in time for part 7. Then I also hope to finish xmas tree Mandala by the same designer this month and once I am out of plaster I can then go back to my structured rotation. Oh and inbetween I plan on stitching the try out for Midi mystery 1 in time for an early July start of the full piece. I have been calling this by the wrong title for ages as I thought it was a small L not 1 but luckily I have managed to sign up for the right project and buy the correct kit.
One slight bit of amusement is my ginger cat Taffy who is in the picture is rather easily spooked. He freaked at my wheel chair and went ballistic at the crutches. He is not a cat to move fast but when I opened the door to let him out he shot out like he had a rocket beneath him and also made some rather strange movements to avoid the crutches. You would think at the grand old age of 15 he would realise I am just me and he is in no danger at any point. But then if he did relax he wouldn't be the cat we know and love and we really wouldn't have him any other way.

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