Saturday, June 18, 2005

Summers here

Wow at long last it is sunny and warm.

Today I went into town but I got a bit freaked out as it was very busy and being in the chair made me feel rather vulnerable. As it is a seaside place it always gets busy by about 11:00am and there is a big teenage beach side thing tomorrow and the holiday makers are starting to come so it was a bit manic. I did get all I needed to get and then headed home for a browse through some magazines and then stitching on MVIII.
Last night I ordered some small pieces of fabric from Silkweaver to try out for Medieval town Mandala. I think I want a vintage medieval look to the fabric but some others lept out at me as being possibles as well. If none of those are any good it may just be antique white that I go for. I am finding I am spending alot at the moment but I tend to do that when I am stressed and worried but I know the money is there so I try not to feel guilty about it.
The group thing is slowly getting sorted in that I know where I stand now and what I do is my decision to make. However at this point in time I do feel jaded by it and some of the people in it and part of me says 'do not go there again' and the other part says 'it means alot to me how could I maintain some contact but protect myself'.
I am going to let things be for a bit as I have enough other stuff to cope with as in my foot and a big clinic appointment at the end of the month as well as every day life. I often find it a real blessing that stitching relaxes me so much otherwise I would go stir crazy.


mischief managed! said...

aside from the obvious, why are you stressed out?

Scully said...

So Michelle....did you do any retail therapy then? ;)

Michelle said...

Scully no I just bought the stuff online I mentioned-so far but just feel like another buying frenzy approaching. It is my consolation for not getting to the shops easily lol.
Mischief just the obvious and life are stressful enough for me.