Monday, June 13, 2005

My first post

So why the fireside cat? Well I like cats and I tend to stitch by the fire, but I also think of firesides as being warm cosy places which is what I would like my blog to be. I have thought for over a year about creating a blog and actually started one way back when but couldn't remember what it was called or anything about it. So on impulse I have decided to start over and this is for several reasons:

1). I feel like I need somewhere to talk about my feelings as I am not great at opening up to other people in case they judge or get bored of me.
2). I am feeling a trifle lonely after walking away from a voluntary organisation I helped out for (although may go back in a smaller way) but I was feeling alone in it anyway so that in itself hasn't changed.
3). I would like a record of my life I can easily look back on and especially of the stitching I accomplish along the way.

Thats the reasons really and on with todays events:

I had my dialysis this morning and talk about the caring and sharing NHS-the care assistant who came to wheel me in decided she could handle my crutches for me and promptly hit me over the head with them. I just dissolved into hysterics and kept winding her up on and off all morning lol. I should make it clear at this point for new readers that I am only in a wheelchair and on crutches temporarily as I fell in a dip in the pavement and broke my foot 9 days ago and will be in a dinky fushia ankle length plaster for at least another 3 weeks. After escaping from the unit I came home and had a lovely package waiting for me from the postie. I got my Chatelaine Midi Mystery 1 kit and its as beautiful as ever. I also got a card from my friend Jane's mum and dad to commisserate on the foot which was also very nice of them and its a beautiful card which someone had obviously painted and had made up-it has trailing red flowers and is very arty.
Other than that the rest of the day will be spent stitching MVIII part 6 and generally chilling out.


Gina said...

Hi Michelle - welcome to the world of blogging. I have put you on my blogroll!

Scully said...

Hullo'll be going on mine too!
Look forward to reading your blog! :)