Sunday, June 19, 2005

Relaxing day

I have had one of the most relaxing days in ages today. I have finished the third corner of MVIII, sat in the garden, made my friends birthday card and wrapped her presents ready for postage and watched TV. I didn't do these all at the same time or in that order but together they combine to be a great day.
My arm is stinging a bit although I was sat on the swing seat so think I may have caught the sun-must remember one new tablet for this year makes my skin more sensitive.
One rather interesting thing on the TV today was T4's party on the beach which was coming from our beach 2 miles away. I sat out for a bit while it was on and could just hear the shrieks as the wind was in the right direction. However I learn't stuff about Weston-Super-Mare today that I never knew:It has plastic palm trees on the beach and more shocking than that a nudist beach. I know they have to beef it up for the cameras and that negates the palm trees but really? to say there is a nudist beach where a majority of the population are retired on a show aimed at teenagers is taking good old W-S-M a bit far. To put it in its context it is obviously not a well known beach as I have lived in and around the resort for nearly 30 years and have never heard of it or unwittingly stumbled on it as I am sure I would remember that lol. But all in all it was a gorgeous summers day today so it did look at its best and apparently a good time was had by all.
Got a very busy week this week as I am out on Tues and Thurs so will relax tonight and gear myself up. This will be the third full week with my plaster and I must be more confident to be booking time to see friends etc. I think its because I now know they won't have to pick me up or break something when I fall on them lol.

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