Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back from clinic

And there is mixed news. I got two of the three things sorted and both led to good news. I have found out that I was probably so immobile and unwell earlier in the year because of one tablet I was taking. There were fears it could be a serious dialysis complication but my consultant thinks thats unlikely. The second thing is the issue with my foot and whether it broke because dialysis is weakening my bones. But he looked back on the bone scan I had in February and that was completely normal. This in itself is very good news as someone who has been kidney patient and on dialysis as long as I have could well expect to be weaker in the bones and certainly not show as having completely normal bones in the scans.
The other news I am waiting on is whether a new surgeon thinks I can have a transplant. This has been an issue that has rumbled on for 5 years or more with the original surgeon turning his back 3 years ago. Then a scan proved his reasons for saying no had never been valid but still he won't agree. When I saw my consultant 10 weeks ago he set up a meeting with the new surgeon which for one reason and another didn't happen and apparently they tried many times to meet up, so are going to get the two secretaries to try and organise them both-what would men do without us women eh? ;-) I am hoping I will hear before my next clinic in 3 months but I expect thats rather unlikely lol.
Other than that we went for a browse round The Mall at Cribbs and hired a wheelchair there and they don't charge which is really good. I bought my World of cross stitching magazine and some undies from Marks so not exactly last of the big spenders here lol.


Gina said...

Good to hear you had some positive news!!

Lorna said...

Good news! :) Keeping fingers crossed for you!