Friday, June 17, 2005

Well Friday dawned

And I do not feel any better. I have come to the conclusion once and for all that whatever happens from here on it has to STOP as I am liable to make myself really ill if I carry on stressing so much.
On the plus side my order from Sewandso came this morning-you cannot beat that sort of service as in less than 24 hours from online order to delivery into my hot little hands. So tomorrow I will go and get some wrapping paper and will shortly go off and make the card. So far the scissor fob hasn't arrived so I will send it on as soon as it does-sure she will enjoy the extra present lol.
Tonight is Big brother eviction night and I would like Sam to go. I like Derek I think he brings alot of stability and amusement to the group whereas Sam appears to do very little. Mind you I am sure whoever it is their outfit will not surpass Lesley's from last week lol-not even sure ANY outfit can ever surpass that one heeheee.

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