Sunday, June 26, 2005

Another relaxing day

This is becoming a bit of a habit lately lol. We did go for dads birthday lunch and at just the right time it would seem. The restraunt we chose stopped taking reserve bookings a few months ago but when we turned up at lunch time most of the tables were already booked-apparently there has been a change of policy. A party of 33 were expected so we managed to order have a leisurely lunch and be gone before they turned up.
Once home I finished Christmas tree mandala garden by Chatelaine which you can see on the left. Tonight I plan to veg and try and have an early night as I feel pretty tired.


Scully said...

A party of 33?! Who was it? Royalty! he he he :)
Congrats on the HD, it looks great.

Lorna said...

Great Stitching, well done! :D