Thursday, June 23, 2005

What gorgeous weather

WOW the weather is fantastic.

Today I nipped to the hairdressers and had a slightly shorter bob created with a few more layers. I want to go for a drastic change but have no idea what or how so for now will just play with my base style and see what happens.
I wore the new Angel Lily perfume today which is the most subtle and I am in love with it so far. Will try another each day but may just end up getting them all-my poor, poor wallet.
Other than that I stitched a bit on MVIII and read in the garden so not an outstanding day but relaxing none the less.
I hope you will all be able to see my posts soon as I blogged yesterday and it is not showing despite the fact I can edit it and it says I have written something. Hopefully its a temporary blogger glitch and we will be up and running soon.

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