Monday, June 20, 2005

On number of visitors

On first look it would appear my blog was highly entertaining and had a huge volume of traffic for just a week old but most of those visitors were myself updating and generally fiddling around with the look of it lol.
Anyway I am enjoying both aspects of blogging-the creative designing of it and the actually writing in it.
Today has been a slow quiet day. After I got home at lunch I just chilled on the net and then edged a new piece of fabric for Midi 1 tryout which I will start once the Christmas mandala garden is complete-so with the rate I am going that will be some time off yet lol. Other than stitching and surfing there is nothing to report today except I did see a finished version of Chatelaines mini castles mysteries. I did the 4 gemstones last year and loved them and I 'quite' like these but its the colours and the tryout of the next one that is gradually sucking me in.

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Scully said...

Michelle, you should be able to tick an option on your visitor counter, that doesn't include your visits. I did this on mine, but I don't know where you have got yours from. Play around and see!