Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A day of changes

Today has been a day when I turned the corner on several aspects of my life that have been irking me. I met with a friend today and the weather was so nice we hot footed it to Bristol city centre and had a long chat about life and stuff and she put alot of what I am feeling in a new perspective. It made me take a step back and consider stuff and I think I am that much closer to finding an answer to what I wish to do about the group I left. I left this morning feeling very anxious and worried but have come home though emotional for many reasons I also feel calmer and more centred than I have for a number of months. During our stay in Bristol we had lunch and then a boat ride and then drinks and cake. We did aim to go up in the tethered balloon but apparently it was too windy today so that will be reserved for next time.
Finally I am seriously looking into the possibility of going back to studying. One of my biggest ambitions in life is to get a degree and I even got a place at Uni 9 years ago to do this but had to abandon it due to ill health. Since I have been unable to work I have not seen the point in getting a degree but I think the point is that its an ambition I want to fulfil, it will hopefully give me confidence, make new contacts plus all the other things it could bring I hadn't thought of. So I have been for some time looking at the open university and I am now going to properly look into this now and whether as someone with health problems I would be eligible for a grant.
Other than that my foot is also alot better and I also do not need to use crutches everywhere I go, so fingers crossed that in two weeks I may just get rid of this plaster.

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Gina said...

Good to hear you are feeling more positive, Michelle. Speak soon :-)