Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Just got plastered

Unfortunately I didn't have a boozy lunch but I am now sporting a nice BLUE plaster on my foot. Luckily its same foot/same injury. I had noticed over the last few days that the pink plaster was feeling loose and on one or two occasions I almost had to bang it back into place. I convinced myself I was imagining it for a bit but then decided on having it checked out as it said get in contact if it feels loose. I rolled up at the front entrance of the hospital at 2:00pm and was back in the car at 2:25pm which is probably the quickest I have ever been to a hospital appointment lol.
Today I also got my set of 3 perfumes I ordered on Ebay and they are all absolutely gorgeous so trying to decided which I like the best. What is nice is there is a big mix of light to heavy so suitable for all occassions.
Yesterday I got the scissor fob from Nordic Needle in the post and its absolutely wonderful-was so tempted to order another one for myself but I do have enough really as I have run out of scissors to put them on. That reminds me it is my friends birthday today so must send her a text in a bit to wish her a good one.
One other thing of note which I nearly forgot was last night Scully helped me with my blog template so now all links will open up for you in a new window. The night before that Kate helped me with my template so it all lined up so I am slowly but surely getting my blog how I would like it.

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