Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What a few days

Well its been an eventful few days and I am not sure where to start. As you know I started my OU course and I am about half way through the first week and I am really enjoying it. I got my first assignment back on Monday which although counts for nothing as its only a practice I was keen to do it. Firstly I wanted to make sure that I set it all out correctly and as it is submitted via email I fet it necessary to check all that worked. So I rattled it off last Thursday as I joined late and my tutor wanted it asap if it was to be done. Well as I say it was returned on Monday and the comments were positive and I would have passed if it was graded, so thats given me a big boost.
The weekend wasn't easy as it was the annual conference to do with the group I left and as I helped set it up I still want it to do well. I chose not to attend this year but I understand all went well and the group is pushing forward. Also the last week hasn't been easy as its the anniversary of Sara going into hospital and of the last time I visited which was all over the conference last year. Lots of bad memories have been coming in but also some good ones are coming back so that is good.
But today was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I went to clinic and felt in need of not mentioning it as I wanted to go and then post the news. I sincerely expected it to not be great but I couldn't have been more wrong. My consultant has referred me to the transplant surgeon because they think there is a high probability they can do something. Its also looking very possible that what they do may not be far off the usual kind of transplant and other surgeons maybe willing to have a go. I was under the impression only one was prepared to look at me so this is a bonus but raises some questions as to why they didn't look into all this earlier.
However my mum and me made it very clear to my consultant that had I not changed to him nothing would be happening in this direction and how grateful we are to him for pursuing it and getting this far. I must admit mum was quite choked but I was just gobsmacked as I fully expected to hear bad news or none at all today.
So a weird few days with quite a mixture of emotions going on but for now all is right with the world. Of course we have to face dialysis tomorrow and if its like yesterday I shall not be happy:11 out of 15 machines broke down because of a new filter that was poorly fitted over the weekend caused problems. My machine was ok but this was a double edged sword as to get everyone else working properly 3 people had to come off and go home. Of course being on the first shift with an ok machine I had done longest so although I was home early I only had 2 hours 40 mins dialysis as opposed to 4 hours. I also came off with .9 litres extra on so have been very careful with my fluid intake since. As I understand it the machines are ok as long as the maximum number of 12 are going at any one time. Thats ok on the afternoon as they only have 12 patients. Today I don't know what happened but as everyone ended up doing less yesterday that can't happen tomorrow, so if there are more problems we may have to be farmed out to other units. Watch this space for an update tomorrow.

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