Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A new start a day....

....Makes for many WIPS. :-)

I started a tiny one yesterday which was Bent Creeks black Kitty. Can't remember its proper name but it is tiny and sort of wild and Halloween looking. But today I started Medieval Town Mandala. Yipppeeeeeee!!!!
Today has gone slow but has been really great. I stitched a bit on Royal Holiday this morning and then did an hours study before lunch. After lunch I hit the books again and did another couple of hours, surfed a bit then started MTM.
However MTM didn't start off that well as the first colours and symbols are so similar that after 9 stitches I had to start over. But I am now on track and loving it.
Tomorrow it is the usual dialysis and probably stitching on the Cat tomorrow afternoon and surfing a bit.

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