Thursday, October 13, 2005

Financial boost

My finances got a much needed boost with a £50 premium bond win. So now its decision time on what I am going to get. Obviously one of the Chatelaine Mandala gardens sprang to mind and of the new ones out it would be the Japanese one. I would like to see another WIP first to be sure before I commit to that one as its always niggled me whether I like it 'enough'. I have bought some of the threads for MIX and mum and dad are making up the rest between my birthday and Christmas so for the moment the cheque will go in the bank and I will make up my mind at a later date.
Today was mainly spent studying, tidying my room and some more paperwork. I am still soting out getting a grant for studying, as the initial form was sent back because they need more details. So after filling in forms and phone calls I have got as far as I can today and hope people follow through on their commitments of sending me infomation.
Tonight I am going to stitch MVIII as I have just have one more corner to do for this part. I am anticipating a HD over the weekend if not sooner.
Once that is done I will probably stitch something small for this months HD and then may even start Medieval Town Mandala.


Scully said...

Congratulations Michelle. I have seen the start of the Medieval Mandala and it looks lovely. I too aren't so sure of the Japanese one tho. Enjoy your s.e.x!

Brother Roy said...

related stuff. If you are interested come and check it out if you get time.

Brother Roy said..."

Scully said...

I am sorry but I think that the last comment is a little bit off to be putting on this blog! Sorry to hijack your comments box Michelle but I think this is beyond a joke and spam!