Saturday, October 08, 2005

Busy day and MSN 7

Today has been so busy. I decided to go into town for a break and knew that I would need to try and finish the first part of an assignment today so I could move onto study week 2 tomorrow. Well after about 6/7 hours the assignment is done-don't know how well but its done as there is a limit of what you can put in 300 words. Thats actually what I found hardest condensing it all down-leaves no room for waffle lol.
Added to that I haven't been feeling great for a few days. I seem to have a virus which I have had on and off for awhile but for the last 4/5 days I have had swollen glands and neuralgia. I don't feel ill as such, just tired and sore is the best way to describe my head.
One piece of good news is I finally got MSN 7. It hasn't let me sign in previously without getting a message that I am stuck behind a firewall lol. Even the MSN site said they didn't know a fix when I Googled the error message. But I tried again and found another forum with a possible solution and it worked so now I can be as animated as everyone else.


Scully said...

Glad you finally have msn 7 Michelle! I want version 7.5 but it won't let me...just downloads version 7.0 all the time :lol
Hey, how do you manage to attract such spam on your blog? Maybe you need to switch to Halo scan comments or do the word verification thingy. Those spammers really annoy me...don't they have anything else better to do?
Maybe see you on msn at some point :)

Lorna said...

I have version 7.5. I followed a link from an e-mail from Hotmail and it downloaded no problem. I wonder why some can't seem to download it?

I can't work out how to put piccies on my name though.:S

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