Saturday, October 01, 2005

October 1st

This is a significant date as it signalled the start of my course and the start of Medieval town Mandala (MTM), plus the next part of all the other mysteries I am in. So today I did a couple of hours study and then stitched on MVIII part 10. This part is going fast actually so I may get to start MTM this month as well.
I didn't make the tutorial today as I still feel very weak and wobbly in the legs, but actually feel fairly well in myself but my body is physically letting me down today, so I did manage 2 1/2 hours of study and I really enjoyed it.
Tonight I have updated all my blog stuff that is to do with months and seasons as I can't have a summer blinkie anymore as its no good pretending that its still summer out there. So my autumn blinkie is there, along with my October calender and october blinkie in its rack.
Tomorrow my brother is coming over for the afternoon with his girl friend but other than that it will be a stitching day with maybe a bit of study and surfing the net thrown in.


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