Wednesday, March 01, 2006

So whats been happening?

Its been a busy and stressful time since I last posted. Last Tuesday I went to a mini GTG in Bristol with Amanda, Lorna and Karoline and it was a really great day. We went to St Nicholas market and had a browse round as well as visiting the craft shop there. I got some stash for card making which included some lovely cute small narrow cards and several sheets of peel offs. Then we adjourned to a nearby cafe for coffee and a chat. All too soon Lorna had to leave to get her bus home in time to get her girls from school, so we went to the House of Fraser to look at their small craft section. I got two balls of Paton's Lush wool in Carnival to make a scarf with and Amanda bought a kit. Then we had a spot of late lunch, some more tea and coffee and it was then time for me to leave the other two and make my way home. The time just flew and I hope the others had just as good a day as I did.
The rest of the week was fairly uneventful but on Friday I did get my lastest assignment back and got my worst mark at 65% but I can live with that as it wasn't too bad considering the subject matter. I was really stressed when studying the block that this was about and wasn't sure how effectively I took it all in so am quite happy to get a decent pass.
The weekend was spent studying and starting my scarf with the Patons yarn. It was also when I started to seriously stress out about everything again. I knew the reason was because I had clinic coming up but it doesn't stop the stress.
Which brings me to yesterday. I went to clinic and it does appear I never needed to be taken off the list and I am more than inclined to believe it is the surgeon who has been blocking things so I had my say. I said I was disgusted that he could do that and now act unsure whether to say yes or no now. I think he should either stand by his convictions or admit he made a mistake but that is where I leave it now. I decided not to make a formal complaint as I don't want to ailenate those helping me now and I don't think it would achieve anything anyway. What happens now is that another surgeon at the unit has agreed on principle to do the operation but wants to see me first, so I will see him at some point and then decide whether to relist for a transplant, once the risks have been weighed up. So after nipping to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway we came home and I got my knitting out, only to find there is a problem with one fo the balls of wool and its knitting up totally differently. Its so bad as to be unusuable so the piece has been retired and I am thinking of contacting Patons but as I don't have the wool band off the first ball I don't know if I have any recourse. Just as I was going online I noticed it was snowing and the poor cat had little snowflakes on his head and as its rare to get snow I guess he was wondering what it was.
This morning I got up for dialysis and mum came in and said that it was snowing steadily and there was a layer on the ground-but nothing was there when she got up, so it really did came down. By the time we had gone 3 miles to the hospital the snow had more or less gone and they didn't have the sharp shower we had. I guess its got to start and stop somewhere but it was quite odd and since getting home its snowed on and off but not really settled or come to anything.
So thats my week, both good and bad and I will try and post more regularly soon.

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Scully said...

Hey Michelle, 65% is still a good mark! You only need 40% to pass on my course so you'd be well above that :)
I hope you can sort out the yarn as that's really not on. You can expect a little difference but not such a big one as you've described.
Take care and see ya around :)