Sunday, March 05, 2006

The weekend

I have finished studying for the weekend because I am so tired and trying to conserve my energy. At times it feels like I am running on empty at the moment but need to keep as fit as possible as it is the last couple of months of the course, plus some other stresses will be coming up. I also missed studying on Thursday as I had a weird reaction to Tuesday or possibly some kind of bug-I am not sure, but that has also stressed me out as I am worried about falling behind.
Anyway yesterday I slept in and then me and mum went for our Saturday morning browse round town and I spent the afternoon studying. Then in the evening I got loads of stitching done on MIX whilst watching the final of Dancing on ice. That was amazing as they flew in this last show and the poor guy Stefan Booth looked like he was going to be sick at the end but he went on to come second with Gaynor Faye winning. It was a really good show and I wonder what will replace it-on the adverts its suggestive that they are doing premier movies soon which will also be good.
Today I was up early and did a little more on my rotation piece-MVI and then spent about 3 hours studying and I am now quite tempted to go and watch a film and do some knitting. But I also seem to be strangely addicted to the net at the moment but I think relaxation wise the film and crafts of some sort might be a better bet.
This week is fairly quiet so far. I am off to the hairdressers for a trim on Thursday-had to cancel my last appointment for Thursday just gone when I was ill. Then next Saturday is a day tutorial in Bristol which I am determined to go to. As a tutor group we have been speaking on the message board since October now so it will be great to meet them all in person. So thats it for the coming week so far apart from more studying and maybe the odd trip into won.

Have a good week all.


Heather said...

Michelle I hope you feel better soon. I only Saw Bonnie flying and Gaynor picking up her trophy. I've not really been watching it, my 3 year old hogs the TV with her cartoons at that time and then the 2nd half I'm afraid CSI comes first.

Scully said...

Michelle, I really enjoyed it too. It's the only reason I watch ITV, apart form TV Burp :)
I hope the tutorial goes OK. Mine are always on Thursday evenings at 7pm! Needless to say what with my foot and my energy levels by that time of day, I haven't been to one!!!