Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Good/bad fracture clinic news

I am back and a bit confused but its starting to make some sense. Apparently its not healed and probably never will be. :-( But as it has plenty of fibrous tissue supporting it then no long term harm will be done. So the plan is to leave it unless it starts causing problems in the future and I have an open appointment for 12 months so can go back easily in that period if it causes problems. Not that I was oppered one but, I think on balance the risk of an operation with complications of bleeding and infection compared with the fact its not presently causing a problem with every day life this is the best step to take-no pun intended lol. I may think about asking my consultant to refer me to someone in Bristol for a second opinion as I know how frightened my local hospital is of kidney patients but I would refuse to have the operation there anyway for just that reason.

So lots to muse on and think about but I think the result could have been worse.


Scully said...

Well I suppose it's good to not have to have an operation! I guess at least if you do have any further probs you can at least be referred back and for the time being get on with life :)

Michelle said...

I think I would have felt better if he said yes it will eventually heal. Although he said its fine long term you wonder whether thats true. Problem is since the medical mistake of before I am even less trusting that ever. Plus its the one scenario I didn't expect-I tend to run them all through my head and know what I will do whatever they say. Problem is they always say the one thing I never considered they would lol.