Thursday, February 16, 2006

Round we go again

Just starting my rotation for the 5th time round now and no changes. Its working well and progress is being made on these 5 pieces so I am sticking with it for the moment.
This year I am not religiously keeping up with my Chatelaines and have decided to just stitch them inbetween my rotation if I feel like it or pop them into my rotation at a later date.
I think the only way to get my WIP count down this year is to stick to the rotation and try the tactic of finish 2 start one but only if its a despearate need. So far I have started MIX this year and the baby hat, but have finished the hat and two other things so I am doing ok.
Talking of the baby hat, I got a thank you letter and picture today and it looks great. The baby was even wearing the outfit I bought her when she was born-not sure if that was coincidence but was lovely to see.
My 6th assignment went in this week and that means we are 2/3 through-time has really flown on this one, but its been great.

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Gina E. said...

I am seeing a lot of Blogger stitchers using this Rotation method of getting on top of their stitching projects. I wish I was strong-willed enough to do it! I also love the idea of Finish Two, Start One...sigh..
I keep getting involved with swaps and exchanges, as well as making cards and gifts for friends during the year, so it would be difficult for me to actually fit any UFOs in on a regular basis. I can dream though..