Sunday, February 05, 2006

Phone update

So far so good. I have received and sent texts-well once I got the text prediction thing switched off. I wanted to write NOT which is so simple but instead it made Noomuuu. I think that was Moomin speak lol, but now got that sorted and so far no more freezing going on.
My phone is slightly different to the picture I posted as it has an all pink key pad with charcoal/black lettering which lights up to a snazzy blue. The charm is also not quite as pink as that and has a pale pink strap. Otherwise its the same and I 'think' the changes might be from ultra limited edition to special edition. Judging by the number of poppy phones out there this edition I got is certainly not ultra limited and I do know that one had donations to breast cancer care. I am not sure whether this one has actually but it is a lovely phone and fingers crossed it carries on behaving.

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