Sunday, January 15, 2006

A new start

On thursday I went up to The Mall in Bristol and bought a knitting pattern for some funky baby hats. I found a shop on ebay selling the Sirdar snowflake yarn for £1.85 whereas its usually £4.00 something so on Friday I bought a ball each of two colours and yesterday the wool came so I started the first hat.
I am doing a lilac/pink/white combo for the first one which will be for 3-6 month old and then a funky pink one for next winter when the baby is a year old.
I am really enjoying working with the snowflake yarn though mum has bailed me out once but on the whole its going ok.
As for stitching well I am not sticking to any rotation as such but would like to finish MVIII this month-I have beaded upto around Part 5 now but other than that I have no firm plans.

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