Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fingers crossed

I am back. I have a brand new spanking processor and have spent most of this afternoon book marking my favourites again and loading some software on. It appears a virus attacked our last one beyond repair but not withstanding it I am getting a new scanner and possibly a photo printer combination. We have lost our old drivers from the scanner and I can't easily find them online so am cutting my losses and going for an up to date one.
I seem to be in a bit of a stitching slump. I started MIX on New Years day and I love it but can't really get any enthusiasm together to stitch anything much. I haven't felt 100% for a week now so I don't think that is helping either, plus I have an assignment to get done and have just felt generally run down and stressed out.
Talking of OU work though I got my pre-christmas assignment back and got 72% again so I am more than happy with that. The next one is due in a week tomorrow and I wasn't sure I got it but today I had an hours phone tutorial and it seems to have gelled somewhat now. I am very impressed with the help you get from the OU as I get practical as well as financial help. Practically because I suffer from tiredness I get extra phone tutorials and checks that I am coping as well as parking places near to any face to face meetings. Plus its alot cheaper than studying for a degree at a local university.
Health wise I am waiting on some news to try and cure low blood pressue. Its always been low but has gone mad and this seems in part because my mobility is better with higher calcium I am moving quicker. This in turn causes blood pressure drops if I stand up to quickly etc. It seems I can't win but also appears to be the motto of anyone with chronic illness.

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